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Creative Direction & Branding
November 21, 2021
Deliverables - eCommerce Shopify Website
HTML | CSS | Shopify | Figma

Project Overview

Design an e-commerce website that stands out from other hair brand competitors in Canada and make it appeal to a certain demographic of young women and femmes and display their products on a product page. In addition, staying faithful to their brand vision. Make shopping easier and more accessible for clients


When my client came to us, they were really struggling with establishing an online identity. The major issue they faced was not having a website where they could showcase all their products and have their customers make purchases through their website. They were using Facebook marketplace to set up bookings and message clients. In turn, retaining clients was a huge problem, as some users fell off if they couldn't get access to their website to see products and services they had available.

Proposed solution

Display products on a separate product page and filter out products by category. Each page title is updated as you click on the category you’d like to go to.

User Interaction Flow

  1. On the home page click on “Product”
  2. Once you get to the product page, click the “Add to cart” button
  3. This should take you to the same project page but with an updated cart item number, for example: “Cart (1)”
  4. Click on the updated Cart in the menu section, this should take you to a payment page. with all items listed.
  5. There are more interactions to view details of each product as well.

Landing Page UI Designs